Whole Roast Birds are a Centerpiece at Tens of Millions of family dinners worldwide
But Home Cooks Want Help!



Increase in per
capita consumption of poultry globally over the past 40 years.





Global poultry consumption is growing exponentially. 

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization calls this
market growth "extraordinary." 

Statistics from the American National Chicken Council
show that, since the 1960s,

there has been a decrease in the popularity of red meat
but a steady increase in the consumption of poultry.



74 million

# of turkeys roasted in north america Alone each holiday season



Large, Whole Roast Birds are a holiday center piece for millions.

Americans alone cook approximately 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving and another 22 million turkeys at Christmas. 

Canadians cook 5.7 million turkeys at the holidays. 

a staggering 76% of families in the U.K. will serve up a roast turkey as the center piece of their Christmas meal.




of First-Time Thanksgiving Cooks in the U.S. Worry About Roasting The Turkey



Home CooKs Are Looking For Help.

80% of first-time Thanksgiving cooks in the U.S. (and 40% of repeat cooks) are worried about getting the bird right.

Roasting a whole bird, especially a large one for a special occasion is intimidating to many consumers.
Time pressures And the Risk of Dry, Tasteless meat are big worries. 

A turkey hotline that responds to cooking crises faced by consumers in the U.S. answers more than 100,000 questions
from panicked cooks each November to December   




# of products on the U.S. market like the Turkey Stone


The Turkey Stone offers Home Cooks desirable advantages unlike any other product on the market.

the Turkey Stone speeds roasting time for large birds by 30%-50%.

No other device on the U.S. market allows home cooks to infuse the meat with liquids and herbs of their
choice while keeping the whole bird horizontal. 

The Turkey stone is also simpler to use and easier to clean than other devices.


The Turkey Stone.

Ready to help millions of home cooks roast their bird right.