how it works

The Turkey Stone combines simple science with a smart design
to help Home Cooks more quickly roast a delicious bird for family and friends. 


Step 1: Prep 

  • Put any liquid and/or herbs you choose into the Turkey Stone.  (Or Leave it empty if you prefer).  

  • Slide it horizontally into the cavity of your bird, leaving the neck and cap exposed.  Use twine to truss the legs (if needed). 

  • put the whole bird (stone in) into your baking pan and then into the oven.


step 2: Heating

  • As the Oven (or Grill) warms up, the exposed neck of the Turkey Stone quickly transfers heat from the oven (or grill) to the rest of the device.

  • the entire Turkey Stone becomes an additional heat source - significantly speeding cooking time.  

  • The Turkey Stone cooks your bird from the inside, while your oven (or grill) cooks it from the outside. 



  • At the right temperature, the liquid you placed in the Turkey Stone will turn to steam, infusing the meat with moisture and flavor. 

  • Monitor the bird throughout roasting to make sure it reaches the required temperature.  It will be sooner than you think!

  • During cooking, top off liquid via the neck of the Turkey Stone if you like.  Or leave it empty if preferred.



STEP 4: Enjoy!

  • Pop the roasted bird out of the oven or grill. 

  • Remove the Turkey Stone carefully since it will be very hot.  

  • Enjoy!